WARNING! This new horror game may cause you a stroke due to intense mystery, tension, demons, aliens and haunted houses!

Yeah, you heard it right!

Be quiet when playing this game or else strokes may occur due to insanity as John, the main character, tries desperately to hide and run away from super intelligent aliens and fearless demons.

They want to capture John and sacrifice him because he manages to save people from their occult rituals or experiments on their secret UFOs.

The priest Armand from a local church in San Antonio, Texas, told John when he came to confess his sins, that he was chosen by God to fight against these terrific creatures.

Unfortunately John cannot trust anybody, even the people he tries to save.

Cuz many of them are undercovered demons and aliens trying to set traps for John.

Worse than that, when going into haunted houses, John must be very quiet as any sound may destroy his plan to save the world.

Would John be able to save the world?

Let’s find out!


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