Hello, we are Proeminent Code team!

As you may know already, we create VR games for Oculus Quest, Rift and others.

But why we do that?

We do this cuz we saw how important is for people to have amazing experiences while being safe.

Many games that exist on the market do not offer an amazing experience…

And because of the COVID-19 situation, having fun experiences in your life became even harder due to the restrictions.

That’s why, we decided to create VR games that offer the best experience ever!

This way you can have a great time playing our games and staying safe at home without restrictions.

We invite you to try them and please let us know what do you think about them.

We read all messages cuz we always work to improve your experience and add more fun and excitement.

Anyway, time to play some games.

See you soon 🙂

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